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We’re hard at work on something extraordinary for members of the PR Tips For Startups community. You won’t want to miss it. More info is on it’s way soon.

Why Startup Depression Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

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  A friend of mine recently wrote a well-intentioned blog post about Startup depression that triggered a lot of backlash. He suggested entrepreneurs with depression are to blame because of bad choices. Nothing could be further from the truth. While entrepreneurship is a choice, depression is not. Tech blog Re/code has just run a series of articles on the flameout of the Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project, the erstwhile Las Vegas tech hub. In its investigation Re/code takes a hard look at the effects of Startup Depression in wake of several Vegas…read more

Public Relations Is A Process Not A Product Hunt

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Yesterday I received an email from a friend who asked to help him with a “horse trade” on Product Hunt, throwing my support behind a PR pitching service for crowdfunding campaigns. In exchange my friend will receive votes on Product Hunt for the photo sharing app he plans to launch in a few weeks. Gaming Product Hunt for votes toes an ethical line, but I complied. Since December 2013 Product Hunt has exploded onto the scene as the de facto startup launch community, overtaking stalwarts like Betalist, and driving more traffic…read more

Recapping The Global Education And Skills Forum

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Education embodies our highest ideals. It’s a tool of transformation unlike anything else humans have created with their hands. When I think about the power of education, I am reminded of the commercial above, which comes from Thailand. There’s something poignant and universal about Thai life insurance commercials. They know how to dial up the emotion to an 11, without missing the point. An ad recently surfaced about the value of doing the right thing. In it, a single mother begs for money for her child’s education. The power of…read more

How To Quickly Make Shareable Startup Memes, Even If You Don’t Have Photoshop

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Startup memes are among the most powerful tools entrepreneurs use to share practical wisdom. Startup memes are sticky, go viral easily, and have the potential establish thought leadership for the creators. “Nine women can’t make a baby in a month,” is my favorite adage about the virtues of patience. Startup Vitamins, Addicted2Success and others have grown profitable businesses by sharing startup memes that rocket through social media platforms like Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest. David Fallarme from Growth Hero teaches us how you can easily create captivating startup memes — even without a lick of Photoshop knowledge — in…read more

Disruption Is About Your Business Model, Not Technology

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  Last week I had a mind-bending chat with an entrepreneur and investor who does real-time traffic arbitrage. He and his team monitor the price of paid search terms. If there is a price difference between Google and Yahoo, he will buy from one and sell to the other, exploiting the “spread.” The technology to monitor search terms in real-time is interesting, if not revolutionary. However, the real disruption is what they do with the data they collect. Over time he’s able to predict with high accuracy what businesses are…read more

Growth Hacking Is The Marketer’s New Religion

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Chaos was the law of Nature;  Order was the dream of man.–Henry Adams Humans invented religion to give order to a Universe beyond our explanation. Why do children get cancer? Why  do righteous people endure  tragedies? We have faith in a divine logic. A place after death makes loss more bearable. Without structure human life is a meaningless series of events. Religion provides structure. Everything that happens to us–and for us–happens for a reason, even when that reason is to test our faith. Someone or something has a plan for us…read more

Public Relations Tips Your Startup Can Learn From GoPro

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Camera maker GoPro last  week announced its initial public offering, signaling a golden era for wearable technology, and the ascendant heights. GoPro, which makes small, rugged, high definition actions cameras has become synonymous with extreme sports, and a made-for-YouTube lifestyle. Why GoPro Wins GoPro is a technological wonder, but it’s true success is in telling its story.  Type “gopro” into YouTube and  you’ll get more than 19,500,000 results, a blitzkreig of user-generated advertisements. Why? Three simple words; be a hero. There were waterproof action cams long before the GoPro. None…read more

Chipotle’s ‘Farmed And Dangerous’ Comedy Pushes The Boundaries of Content Marketing And Taste

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Already a vocal critic of factory farming, Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle has just unleashed the unexpected with announcement of a new scripted comedy series, “Farmed And Dangerous,” premiering on Hulu. In Farmed And Dangerous, agribusiness giant Animoil encounters a public relations nightmare when their genetically-modified cows start exploding, and video footage goes viral. Animoil cows eat petroleum pellets for fast growth, and they have the potential to make their inventor a lot of money, except for the whole spontaneous combustion thing. Rather than stop feeding their cows petroleum, Animoil hires a…read more