“You Don’t Need Public Relations, You Need Customers”

Our Mission

Moonshot is a San Francisco-based strategic communications and marketing firm. We create content, engage the media and orchestrate cross-platform narratives that speak the language of the customer need on blogs, social networks and online.

Moonshot specializes in creating campaigns that leverage a brand’s key strengths to establish thought leadership and influence customers, prospects and key stakeholders to act.

What can Moonshot do for you?

Thought Leadership + Influence.


Our Services


Content Marketing

Today it’s more important than ever for brands to think and act like publishers. Business have an unprecedented ability–and are expected to–engage directly with their customers through “owned media” channels. A clear voice and a well-articulated vision are essential for thought leadership.

At Moonshot we augment comprehensive content marketing strategies with rich, creative and influential stories to amplify your voice. Our original content lives on your corporate blog, and designed for viral distribution across appropriate platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and beyond.


Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is the creation of scalable, repeatable systems for user acquisition and retention. Growth hacking combines paid channels, social media and product design, with an emphasis on testable hypotheses and iterative learning.

A well-designed growth hacking strategy uncovers your most valuable user acquisition channels, as well as the cost per acquisition for each channel and will the lifetime value of a customer.


Media Relations

Your story and your brand are unique and powerful. Our media outreach efforts capitalize on the strengths of your team, your product and the value you bring to market. We connect you with the relevant publications, bloggers, and key influencers who can spread your story with a large and relevant audience.


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